Starting at 10 months of age, infants, toddlers, and children will learn the swim float swim sequence. Your child will learn essential water safety skills of swimming facedown in the water, flipping onto their back to a floating position to rest and breathe, then flipping back over to a facedown swimming posture. In the emergency situation of falling in the water, your child will have the ability to self rescue using the three step swim, float, swim sequence.  Lessons are scheduled 5 days a week for 10-15 minutes each lesson for maximum retention for 4-5 weeks depending on your child's previous swimming experience. After your child can successfully complete the swim float swim sequence independently they will go through a series of full clothes checkouts to give them practice and experience of what to do in an emergency situation.


Back in the water after taking the Winter off? If your child has not been in the water for some time, it is recommended that you sign up for a refresher course to reestablish the basics. These 1-2 weeks of daily 10-15 minute lessons will reinforce your child's swim float swim sequence as well as strengthen their confidence in the water. Once the refresher course is completed it is recommended to go into maintenance or stroke lessons. 


Once your child has  completed Basic Training, maintenance lessons are highly recommended 1-2 times a week. Just like any sport, continuous practice is needed to maintain and develop skills. In maintenance lessons I will ensure your child does not lose any skills as I continue to strengthen their swim float swim sequence. These lessons are crucial especially in the summer months when pool season is in full effect where your child may develop bad habits swimming with friends/family or playing with floatation devices. 


Stroke lessons are for when your child has mastered their swim float swim sequence and are physically ready to begin to learn the skills of all strokes- freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. Stroke development lessons are tailored to fit the individual needs of your child whether it is learning the basics of freestyle or more advanced techniques to prepare for swim team. 



Safety First PediAquatics 4-5 week course

Registration Fee | $40

Basic Training  $150/week

20 Lessons (4 weeks) | $600

Basic training courses generally take 4-5 weeks depending on the child's comfort level and experience in the water. This includes travel fee.

Group Discounts 

Host your neighbors to your pool for back to back private lessons for a discount.

2+ kids | $125/week

20 Lessons (4 weeks) | $500

5+ kids | $105/week

20 Lessons (4 weeks) | $420

 Host pool family receives an additional discount 


1 Lesson | $30

15 minutes


1 week minimum 

Weekly Refresher | $150/week

Daily 10-15 minute lessons Monday - Friday




Private Lesson  | $50

30 Minutes

15 Minutes               $30

Semi-Private Lesson  | $35/per swimmer

30 Minutes


Military, First Responders, & Teachers 15%

Sibling Discount 10%


Please fill out an enrollment form to inquire about signing up for lessons. Since I am mobile and have to factor in travel time to and from each lesson I do not have an option to pay/sign up online. Please include the address of your pool and all of your availability as we start our conversation of adding your child to my schedule!


What is your travel range in Jacksonville?

I offer lessons at the beaches (Atlantic Beach to Ponte Vedra Beach) and as far west as Kernan Blvd. Unfortunately, ​I do not offer lessons outside of this range because the extra travel time will affect my availability to continue swimming with your child.

Where do you teach lessons?

I am mobile and only teach at your home pool or community pool (after asking for permission). I do not have my own pool and do not offer lessons at a City of Jacksonville pool or club. I do offer discounts for back to back lessons if you are interested in hosting your friends or neighbors at your house for a, “Swim Lesson Party”.

What days and times do you offer lessons?

I offer lessons as early as 8am and late as 7pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings 9am- 1pm. 


Who are you certified by?

I am certified by Safety First PediAquatics. I completed a 4-week training course instructed by Becky Bond, owner and lead instructor of SFPA in St. Cloud, Florida February 2020.

What age do you start lessons?

I start teaching lessons to children 6 months +. My favorite age to start is 10 months old when their motor skills are more developed making them ready to learn how to swim.

What happens after my child completes Basic Training?

Once your child completes Basic Training I highly recommend they do Maintenance or Stroke lessons 1x a week to continue to strengthen their skills.