Offering seasonal mobile swim lessons April - October in Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and San Pablo.

Certified by Safety First PediAquatics, Allison teaches a 4-6 week Basic Training Program as well as basic to advanced Stroke Lessons.


*Currently not accepting new students and my waitlist is full.


Basic Training

During this 4-6 week course your child will learn essential water safety skills in addition to the swim float swim sequence. Lessons start as early as 10 months.



Maintain and advance your child's swimming skills with weekly 10-15 minute lessons to perfect their swim float swim sequence and rid them of any bad habits they may pick up outside of swim lessons.


Stroke Development

Once your child has mastered their swim float swim sequence and developmentally ready

to learn freestyle,

backstroke, breaststroke

and/or butterfly skills. 

About Allison

Growing up in Florida, I was always in the water. In between swim team practices, my 1st job when I was 16 was as a Swim Instructor and Lifeguard. Fast forward to 15 years later and I am still sharing my passion teaching kids how to love and respect the water.


@allisonswimjax on Instagram

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