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What is your travel range in Jacksonville?

I offer lessons in Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach as far south as Corona Rd, and as far west as San Pablo Pkwy. Unfortunately, ​I do not offer lessons outside of this range because the extra travel time will affect my availability to continue swimming with your child. Please see here for the map of my Travel Range. If you have any questions or are just outside of this range, please feel free to contact me.  

Where do you teach lessons?

I am a mobile instructor and only teach in at home pools within my Travel Range. I do not have my own pool and do not offer lessons at a community pool or club. 

What days and times do you offer lessons?

I offer lessons as early as 9am and late as 6:30pm Monday to Friday and Sunday  9am- 1pm. I do not swim on Saturdays.

Who are you certified by?

I am certified by Safety First PediAquatics. I completed a 4-week training course instructed by Becky Bond, owner and lead instructor of SFPA in St. Cloud, Florida February 2020. Each winter, I train with Becky at her facility for continued education. 

Why 10 minute lessons?

Mainly, the average attention span for a child is 10 minutes. These 10 minute lessons are very efficient and effective. Your child will be constantly learning and repeating places to swim to, floating, and the swim float swim sequence to different targets in the pool. Repetition is key in learning skills with anyone, especially a child and we will be in and out in 10 minutes before becoming overly fatigued and prone to pick up bad habits.

What age do you start lessons?

I start teaching lessons as early as 10 months old when their motor skills are more developed making them ready to learn how to swim.

What happens after my child completes Basic Training?

Once your child completes Basic Training I highly recommend they continue in weekly Maintenance or Stroke lessons to continue to strengthen their skills. 

My child has taken another swim float swim program, where do they start in your program?

All depends on their age and current skill level when we begin together. Most students will start in Basic Training and more advanced swimmers will start in a 2 week Refresher. I will adjust to fit their individual needs before progressing to weekly maintenance or stroke lessons.

My child is a great swimmer and preparing for swim team or wants to learn proper strokes. Can they start in weekly stroke lessons?

If your child is 6+ and can confidently swim float swim across the pool we can start in 1-2x a week stroke lessons. If your child is a beginner, even if they are older, they will start in Basic Training to set their foundation of swim and safety skills. All students will progress to stroke lessons when they are developmentally ready. 

Do you offer Adult Swim Lessons?

Unfortunately, at this time due to availability constraints I do not offer swim lessons for adults.

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